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Setting Goals for Your Home Business Plan

It is important to have specific goals and tasks. When you are creating your plan, don’t use vague references like ‘eat breakfast’ – make it specific: ‘eat eggs, toast and bacon for breakfast’. That way when you sit down to actually accomplish the necessary tasks to run your business, you know exactly what you need to do.

It is also when you are creating the plan that you will set your goals and make sure you are able to perform whatever you need to without being interrupted or having everything in ‘pending’. For example you can’t have eggs for breakfast unless you first go to the store to buy the eggs. So take some real time on the details to create your plan so that it will run smoothly and you can actually do what you need to do rather than to keep going back to the planning stage.

Lists are great but if you have too many things to do they can actually make it worse for you psychologically in that for one thing you may not have everything you need in place yet to accomplish something on the list. Or you may even react negatively to having a big scribbled mess with some things crossed out that are done, some things crossed out because they are cancelled, notes here and there about the status of various tasks, etc. It is just adding more chaos to your day.

The purpose of having a plan is to be organized and methodical so that you don’t miss any details. The main reason not to have a scribbley mess in your directions, however is that you may start to feel guilty or like you are falling behind when you do not accomplish what you set out to. There is so much to learn and to do that it is important to stay positive and not let any obstacles stop you from your progress to develop your business.

This is why it is best to have a couple different lists with your goals being defined between those that are needed and possible right now, (today) those that can be done in the near future, (this week or month) and then long-term goals which might cover as long as a year. Keep clear notes here about the status or things that may be pending and why – know what you need to do in the meantime to be able to eventually do what is needed.

So start with 3 pieces of paper or online documents to begin your planning. Don’t put anything on your ‘To Do’ list for today unless you are absolutely sure you can do them today. Should something happen unexpectedly that keeps you from doing it, then cross it off and start a new list for tomorrow – or add it to the near future list with exact date to be determined. Be sure to note anything that is keeping you from actually doing the task and what you need to do to eliminate that so you can finish what you need to do.

It is sometimes difficult for people to be their own boss. We are mostly used to going into a company that will tell us what our job duties are and show us what that involves, including orientation and training, etc; they will tell us what time to show up and what time to go home. So they are creating the foundation for us and we just need to go in and do it. When you are starting your own business you will have to do all of this yourself including motivating yourself to follow your own directions!

It is very easy to say ‘not now’ or ‘maybe later’ when you are in charge of yourself; however you can’t allow this to be the case. You have to somehow force yourself to treat your business just like you would a job. Of course we are free to set our own hours and etc., but if we are seriously hoping to start a business that will provide a full-time or substantial income down the line, we need to actually follow a plan and do the work on a consistent basis. Work at midnight if that is what you prefer but just be sure you get everything done, no matter what.

Take a few days off if you need to, but again, make sure everything that needs to be done, gets done before you leave or after you return. You might even want to build this in to your plan as it is very important to take breaks and have time away as in a weekend or vacation that you could expect from a regular job.

When people first start out it seems to be extreme in one way or the other; either they take it for granted and think there is some magical process that will create traffic and sales just because they joined a program, and there is no necessity to actually work it; or they will work 15-hours a day until they completely burn themselves out and can’t figure out why nothing is working for them. The truth is it takes time either way.


Internet Marketing – Be the Coach-Friend-Support You Wish You Had

First we need to realize that we are ultimately the one who is responsible if we ‘make it or break it’. Either way we could use some help along the way and will definitely have an opportunity to ‘give something back’ if we stick with it long enough to actually develop a successful business online.

In the Home Business/Internet marketing industry we are blessed with the theory that ‘you must give to receive’. People know that, and as they say, ‘we succeed only if you succeed’. It’s just a matter of professional courtesy to be helpful, supportive and affirming, because ‘what goes around comes around’. This is very different from the ‘dog-eat-dog’ competition tactics people may think of as doing ‘business’.

That’s why Network marketing and Internet marketing go hand-in-hand. It’s about knowing and being known and trusted; …and one way to get known is to share information and value with others. It helps, if this is a ‘foreign’ concept, to see our ‘competitors’ as our ‘peers’, rather than in some sort of contest. What you tell them might help them to win, and that does not mean you lose. It can be what they call a ‘win/win’ situation, particularly when you enjoy sharing and helping others.

The key here though is that we can’t feel entitled to anything – giving and sharing is voluntary and to what degree is up to each individual. Having the benefit of a coach does not mean ‘passing the buck’ and making your coach responsible. You are responsible for your business and what you need to learn to succeed with it. Coaches are there to advise and instruct you but it is ultimately you, if you are starting your own business, that will have to take control and make decisions as to what you will do with the information they have shared with you.

We also must realize that the coach or mentor needs to earn a living just like we do. Always putting ourselves in someone else’s place, if we are realistic we should know that nobody can give us 100% of their time — at least for long – they do have a life apart from trying to help us and we shouldn’t begrudge them that. This is why a real professional mentor or coach may charge hundreds of dollars per hour for their time.

We really need to remember that those who do not charge at least that much, deserve, at the very least our respect, appreciation and consideration. To be real, it would only be fair that you could help them back by doing business with them, referring others to them, or anything else you can to reciprocate for the kindness they have showed you. Maybe that will be merely that someday you are able to share as much with someone coming up behind you. When you have received, you can often see the beauty of giving and you will keep the cycle of good going.


Hello world!

Hi, it’s Richard and this is my new website. Stay tuned… I’ll have great things to share!

For starters, here’s an article I think you’ll enjoy…

It’s called: “Make the Leap to Home Business Success

If you are going to build a successful home business, you need 3 “intangibles.” These are things that must come from WITHIN you.

===> Intangible 1 <===

First, you must have a strong WHY.

Why must you make a home business work? What’s driving you? What is it that you CAN’T have in your life anymore and/or what is it that you absolutely MUST HAVE now?

For me, I couldn’t stand working 12+ hours a day anymore and missing the experience of my children growing up. I also absolutely HAD TO HAVE the freedom of being able to control my life and finances through a little box that I could carry with me anywhere in the world and not be tied to anyone’s time pressures or demands but my own. That was my carrot and my stick. I felt a great pain deep in my gut of missing out on my children’s lives and the incredible freedom that succeeding in this business would provide for me. I found my why. You MUST find yours.

===> Intangible 2 <===

You must BELIEVE that it is possible.

If you don’t believe that it’s POSSIBLE for you to succeed in a home business or make your living on the Internet, you won’t. It’s that simple.

For me, figuring out that it was possible was just a matter of realizing that many other people were ALREADY making great money with a home business online. If they could do it, I could too. It would just be a matter of figuring out what those people were doing and then adapting it to my situation.

There is no shortage of undeniable PROOF that people (millions of them) are making money online in many different ways. Just get online and do some research and you’ll find countless testimonials and stories of REAL PEOPLE making real money on the Internet. Or head to your local bookstore and you’ll find the same documented evidence of this fact. Truth is, it’s getting easier and easier to start and succeed in a home based business. This is primarily because of the Internet and affiliate marketing.

I’ve always said that “affiliate marketing” is the job of the future. In the “old” days, you had to go to a potential employer, apply for the position and hope for the best. Now you can simply go to any company you want, fill out their affiliate application and start work immediately. Affiliates are the new working class. Believe me, making money with affiliate programs or making your living on the Internet is WAY MORE than possible. It is pretty much (or will be soon enough) unavoidable now. Affiliate marketing is the “job” of the future that’s here TODAY.

===> Intangible 3 <===

You must be willing to MAKE THE LEAP.

Ready, FIRE, then aim… This is the operating philosophy you MUST adopt to succeed with an Internet home business.

That’s backwards for most people who like to aim before they fire. The fact is the Internet is a moving target… The only thing constant about it is change. You need to stop analyzing the game and simply jump into it. You can’t learn from the outside… You have to be IN THE RING to truly understand it.

The lesson here is that you will never really be READY to start a home based business. You simply have to start one. This is what I call “Making the Leap.”

The good news is that the cost of failure on the Internet is very small. In the “brick and mortar” world you need to evaluate things very carefully before you decide to open up a business. It’s almost always necessary to invest thousands of dollars to get an offline business off the ground. However, on the Internet you can often start a successful business for less than $100. In fact, Plug-In Profit Site is a really good example of this.

You simply need get IN THE GAME… Each moment that you stay “out there,” you’re wasting valuable time that you could be learning and skills necessary to become a successful affiliate marketer. In fact, if you’re not in the game yet, you’re ALREADY behind the times. Come on… You can do it! Make the leap to becoming a successful home based business owner today!

About the author: Stone Evans was a washed up restaurant worker desperately searching for a way to save his family when he discovered the internet and affiliate marketing… 24 months later he finally cracked the code and started earning over $10,000.00 per month… Now the same system that saved him is available to you here!

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