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Why You Should Try to Earn Extra Money Online With a Home Business

There is nothing more apparent in recent years than the fact that the cost of living is rising, while at the same time, income is stagnant and even shrinking or disappearing. This should be a concern to everyone whether it is salaries or investments for retirement.

be prepared

We do not control the economy as much as we would like to believe we do as consumers and stockholders. The sad truth is that many people who have wisely invested their money over the years to build a ‘nest egg’ have seen that disappear, sometimes entirely. Real property has been lost right along with their cash investments.

There is no longer the security of knowing you will have a job as long as you do your best to keep it. Due to corporate ‘downsizing’, ‘workforce reduction’, ‘outsourcing’ and bankruptcies, there is good reason to prepare for the time when you could be suddenly unemployed. If you were planning to retire you could instead be looking for part-time work to make ends meet.

You have no doubt heard the expression ‘you can’t get blood out of a turnip’? Well in this context, a fixed income (social security, pensions, etc.) are worth exactly the same amount, but every other cost has risen exponentially. Rent, utilities, food, medical insurance and other necessities are skyrocketing. It means that the dollar you had is worth about 25 cents in the real world today.

So it makes a lot of sense that you should be using your ‘spare’ time to build something extra that you can depend on to supplement your income. There is always a chance that you won’t ever need it and at the ‘end of the day’ you can spend it for a vacation or to make a down payment on a new car or other luxury. Either way it just makes sense to do something extra to ‘feather your nest’.

While it is still important for your mental and physical health to relax and enjoy yourself on a regular basis, it would be wise to spend some of your time learning something or developing something that will be both fun and empowering, like to start a business from the comfort of home. The easiest and most economical way to do this is online.

The Internet solves many logistical considerations. Maybe you think the most direct and economical way is to just get a second job. It is not an easy life to leave one job and rush to the next job, often with no other break time in between. If you have ever had to do this routine, you will realize how much stress and unpaid time you spend commuting to and from home and job to job. This scenario could not be recommended other than for extreme, very temporary dire straits.

When you work at home you can still at least spend some quality time having dinner with your family between arriving home from your job and starting your work online. The atmosphere in your home is at least more welcoming and comfortable than a second job. You could actually rest a little. Even as much as a 15 minute ‘cat nap’ would do wonders for your efficiency if you could afford that much luxury for yourself – and you should.

So it is a good idea to think in terms of ‘what if’ and be prepared for all eventualities, while you hope and pray that they never come. Don’t worry, which does nothing to help; just focus on building a ‘fortress’ to protect yourself should the possibility of losing your income ever arise.


Working At Home Online – Concepts and Strategies

Right off the bat we should examine our feelings and perceptions about ‘w-o-r-k’ itself. It is important that we understand the attitude of the two kinds of workers. One sees work as only a means to an end = money. Others see it as something they enjoy doing while they get to the object = money. Obviously it is not necessary to enjoy working to make money, but it sure does help to feel happy and gratified with the work we do and consequently we may be motivated to ‘go the extra mile’. It is that mile that sometimes makes the difference between success and failure.


If we close our mind then we never grow – in the negative scenario, we have decided we are bored with and do not particularly like working. However we enjoy eating and having shelter, so we do whatever we have to do – we go through the motions. This really sounds like drudgery and like a hamster caught in a wheel (a rut). It is no wonder with this attitude that we do only as much as is required. We do not feel particularly good about ourselves and maybe figure if we had more on the ball (upstairs) we wouldn’t have to demean ourselves doing something we don’t like.

Conversely if we try to enjoy our work, we are more than willing to explore new possibilities to make things more efficient and to deliver a better product, whatever it is. If we keep an open-mind and really if we don’t like what we are doing, then maybe we can at least learn to respect it; as the truth is it is what is supporting our survival. It’s critical. There are many things we can do to motivate ourselves when we need a little push. It can be something directly related to your work like doing a little research on the industry and keeping up with the state of the art. Even something mundane like statistics can give us a little buzz. There is life beyond the cubicle!

What if you challenge yourself to do more than usual and/or in a faster time? What if you actually stop to analyze your steps in a process to see where you can make some time by omitting a step? When it comes to working for yourself online at home you may do some research and discover that contrary to your previous belief, there are services which are affordable that can help you to do something or even completely do it for you. No problem, learn to delegate anytime you can afford to do it.

There is a pervasive situation online with people starting up home businesses and then scrapping the whole idea in under 3-months. The reasons vary but are almost always one of these: They can’t afford it, they don’t have time, and/or they don’t understand what to do. In every one of these excuses there are ways they could make it work if they were really motivated to succeed – in more ways than just the desire to have more money. If they could see success as doing something they love, striving to do it really well, and as a result being rewarded with money, then they are really thriving!


Take Control of Your Own Life – Start a Business at Home

Hopefully it will never happen to you, but you should know it is a possibility. That is that the job you might love and excel at is suddenly eliminated. Through no fault of your own the company has made the decision to eliminate your position or your department. This may be due to a ‘workforce reduction’ or ‘outsourcing’ implemented as a cost-cutting strategy; or may be due to a merger with another company where your department or position may be seen as redundant.

get a grip!

For whatever reason it is really shocking when it happens. Companies don’t give you much warning typically because they do not want to have their systems or efficiency possibly sabotaged. In fact they are advised to let you know on a Friday afternoon so that you have the weekend to get over the shock. Usually if the company is even half-way decent they will give you pay in lieu of notice, and usually that is calculated by something like your years of service multiplied by 1 week. They will also pay you in lieu of vacation time you may have accrued but not used.

Assuming that you have not done anything wrong it is not the same as getting ‘fired’ where you wouldn’t see severance pay. Being ‘laid off’ without cause, in some states you would automatically qualify for unemployment insurance. So you have a little buffer zone there if you put all of your funding sources together. You can live while you seek a new position.

Herein lies the rub, however: If this ‘downsizing’ is during a recession or other times of high unemployment, finding another job is not always a slam dunk, no matter how good your qualifications, experience and reputation. Many companies will not create new positions and will not fill positions where people retire, quit or are fired. They will just do without and this along with everybody looking for work at the same time reduces the number of jobs available.

So while you should spend time looking for a job, you may also consider ways you can create an income regardless of what anybody else does. You can do this by starting an online home business right away. The reason to still look for a job however is that it can take some time before a new business will start earning money. You might want to consider it a part-time or ‘extra’ income strategy. The more time you are able to invest, the more you may see that maybe you don’t want another job and you just want to work in your business at home full-time.

The time to plan for a disaster like losing your main source of income is to get something going BEFORE it happens. If it never happens then even better, because everybody can always use the extra income to pay off bills, go for a vacation or make a high ticket purchase for something necessary like a new car, repairs on your current vehicle, or medical expenses.

The point is you need to be in control so you are not vulnerable to financial ruin at the hands of the economy or business mismanagement. Do it now. Avoid the rush.

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