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Start-up Strategy for a Home Business: Diversify

Earning income online from home can have many options. Many people believe that ‘residual income’ is one of the smartest ways to go. This belief is based on the fact that when you make the sale once, it can represent a monthly income as well. Affiliate programs are a prime example. You are paid a commission when someone joins a program using your affiliate ID. (in your downline). Then each month when your downline pays their monthly fees, you get a percentage of that fee as a commission from the affiliate program. This is what they mean by ‘residual income’.

go with the flow

Another type of income you can add to the mix is OTO or ‘one time only’ income. This is where you would be selling a product one-time only. You earn your commission on that initial sale only. You can offer special deals for additional products at the point of sale. For example if you sold an electronic devices like a smart phone you could also offer a leather case for the phone. This is a convenience for the customer in that it is a ‘one stop shop’ and also increases your income for the sale.

‘Multiple streams of income’ describes a business that has more than one source of income. This could have a format where you might have one thing from each of the product types described above. Or you may wish to have a collection of affiliate programs, creating an opportunity for ‘multiple streams of income’ that way.

This concept is very smart in the event that one program or product is not doing so well. It’s okay because another one might be doing well and will cover the shortage in income from the slow program. Some programs base things on volume – the commissions may be small, but if you have volume, it won’t matter. For instance, while $5 is not much of a commission, if you can make 10 sales you have $50. If you are doing things right it is just as easy to make the sale 10 times as once.

It can take a while before you have time to do sufficient advertising that will generate substantial income. This may be discouraging in the beginning. You may be spending money on various services and are not realizing any return on your investment YET. You could structure your business in a way that you have some free programs and you can also discover ways to advertise them for free or extremely low cost. The object is to make a little money to cover expenses while you are building your home business online.

Programs like Clickbank and Amazon are two that are free to join and include most of what you need to start a business selling tangible items. There are a lot more details to consider than with an affiliate program. However something needs to give if you are going to make this work. You have to start somewhere. Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices in order to get started or maintain your business.


Focus on Your Target Goals

For many people they mistakenly think they don’t need actual ‘goals’ in their life. They figure they will just go with the flow and see where it takes them. This is a mistake because often you will just go along and never really get anywhere except your least denomination.

get a target and hit it

Somehow some people ‘grow up’ with no real idea of what they want to do or be. They never really find out and end up with the best ‘dead-end’ job they can find. Not to say really ‘dead end’, but just not necessarily as well as you could have done had you had goals to target.

You look at this type of job as an income, sometimes barely sufficient but good enough since there are no expectations. Sometimes this happens to people who do not have a lot of self-esteem and have more or less just been satisfied with whatever life puts in front of them. In a way that is not totally negative that they can just be happy to be!

At some point however you can change. You can start wondering what it would be like to have more money or more freedom. You can even do something about it if you really want to. It could start with a free online course to teach you something you could do to earn extra money.

Or you could just discover some affiliate program(s) that are very inexpensive to join and will teach you some basic things to start an online business. So now you may have what is considered a ‘goal’. In fact the goal even has a target to focus on.

Maybe you could set a target goal to make $25 a week in referral commissions as your initial goal, with or without a timeline, and then as you meet your benchmark your target goal could be increased to $50 a week and you are on your way!


Build a Business Online

Just like everything else in real life, we usually have to start things by taking the first step. If we can never quite get there we usually will just forget about it. In other cases, though it will remain somewhere in our mind, and someday we may actually take action.
now or whenever

The thing is in the case of starting a business that you are literally wasting time where you could be earning extra money. You would maybe be surprised how simple that would be to do with just a little bit of effort. We do not have to immediately be tied-down but can just take the preliminary steps and then whenever we can we can make some progress.

Your business can be as simple as joining an affiliate program or two and investing just a little time to promote it in a casual way; for example to discuss the program in a blog post and include the affiliate link. Try to do that periodically. At the very least if you do this frequently enough the search engines may notice and index your site. This can result in ranking even with your smallest effort.

By the time you decide to get serious and do other things to promote your affiliate program, people may be able to find your link when they query your keywords. No telling if you could actually make sales at this level although it usually takes a bit more effort on your part.

Your business can also be something other than just having an affiliate program. However that may require a domain name, hosting account (both extremely inexpensive – lunch), and a product or service which can be whatever you want it to be. It can also be something you represent for someone else such as a product or service they have and would pay you for referrals (such as for instance health and beauty products).

There is very little investment if any beyond the technical things you need to have a website of your own. If you are planning on developing your own product or service someday, you can develop and/or change your website as many times as you change your mind on what you really want to do. Obviously it will take a more advanced skill set to invent something of your own.

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