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Build a Business – Life is Too Short to be Miserable

There are many circumstances that may have developed in your life where you were not quite able to reach your maximum potential. You may have had desires and imagined possibilities that never really materialized for one reason or another.
don't worry be happy

Of course happiness and self-esteem come from within and can be present no matter what your circumstances, but sometimes you really wish you could do more than you are doing. Many times we are forced to accept what is available to survive. Although we should be very thankful that we do have options, if there are an opportunities to create a higher level of happiness and satisfaction, why not go for it?

So you are forced to work on the hamster wheel and have a job you don’t particularly enjoy just to make money to survive. Again you are blessed to have options, so right there things are not that bad. However things can add up over time that can affect your feelings of well-being and satisfaction with your life. You spend most of your waking hours at your job so these issues can become significant.

Examples would be like a hostile environment due to corporate politics, not making enough money to really ever get ahead, no opportunities for any possible growth, and even potential problems with the financial health of the company you work for to worry about.

With all that said in this day and age people just don’t run out and quit their job. They live with it and may do a lot of praying that things don’t implode and at least will stay as good as they are. This is all well and good. However there are still options to improve your lot!

You can create something on your own in your spare time that can represent additional income as well as an environment where you feel you are in control and being creative. Those things can really make you feel better about yourself. Seriously they can really make a big difference to your own psychological bottom line.

With the Internet there are unlimited possibilities and free information available on how you might discover something that you would like to do that could help you in many ways. It may involve starting a business around one of your hobbies or interests, developing office services online using your job skills, or selling products for already established companies.

If you want to try something different, there is no big investment involved so you are free to try a few things that may allow you to accomplish more in your life than you are!


Sometimes You Just Have to Do It!

Thinking about doing something gets the ball rolling eventually, and sometimes self-talk and visualization can help you get started and/or keep going. However there may be times that you just have to do something, anything – just to improve your self-esteem and get your blood rolling. If it is something you can actually see that you have accomplished it can really help you to progress in your life to accomplish something meaningful.

chocolate masterpiece by U

Even something that has nothing to do with what you actually want to do in the end – your idea or vision if you already have one, can help you build yourself up. You may laugh but just anything that you can do well in your own eyes. It can be something as simple as making the bed, mowing the lawn, baking a cake. It also helps if what you can do can be appreciated by others who may even express it to you! (You can be worshiped for chocolate cake).

The whole idea is to convince yourself that you can accomplish things and are a productive person. Many times when we are feeling badly about things it is because we don’t have enough of this in our lives. We just live on a hamster wheel and go through the motions of what we have to do to stay afloat; and we forget there are other things we enjoy doing. “Stop and smell the roses”?

Believe it or not there are actually retired professionals (and really successful where they were able to retire in their 50s) that do things like build Leggo cities or huge jigsaw puzzles. Child’s play! They find it relaxing and enjoyable and they can’t wait to get up in the morning so they can get back to their projects! They always seem to be finding something new to start. Doesn’t this sound happier than staring at the TV?

So even something completely useless otherwise can be what makes you happy and gets you going back on the track where you might actually one day have it in you to start a part-time online business from home! Nothing better than a hobby that can generate income! In fact if you can’t particularly relate to computers or the Internet as a business, you could create a business directly from your hobby – like making ceramic gifts, jewelry, soaps and candles, or food gifts.

Whatever you do it would be foolish not to use the Internet to promote it. It is a thousand times more inexpensive and easier to reach hundreds of people with one effort. The Internet can also serve you in a million ways whatever business you start, for example for research purposes, and even collecting the money for your sales.

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